Tercet Pedicle Screw

Unlike alternative pedicle screws used in spine surgery, Amedica/US Spine developed a unique triple thread design to improve the speed and ease of use during an implant procedure.

The Agency was called upon to develop a comprehensive launch campaign to introduce the new product at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) Meeting in Denver.

Winner BPAA Gold Key Award: Best Direct Marketing Campaign
Winner BPAA Gold Key Award: Best Creative Campaign


  • Introduce the new pedicle screw to the target audience.
  • Differentiate the product from available alternatives.
  • Drive trade show attendees to the company’s exhibit. 
  • Position the company as a developer of disruptive technology in spine surgery.


See below for an overview of the strategies used to increase booth visits by nearly 400%.

Target Audience

Neurosurgeons specializing in spine surgery.


According to the Marketing Director, “The previous year we managed just 70 visits to our booth. Driving traffic at these shows is difficult… The year of the Tercet introduction, we got a crazy 250 visits, far surpassing our expectations.


Create a brand name for the product that would allude to its unique triple thread design: Tercet Pedicle Screw


Develop a distinctive theme and promotion to support product introduction at the company’s primary trade show: Transforming Spine Surgery became the promotional theme that was communicated in a two-part preshow direct mail program and hotel door drop, as well as in the company’s exhibit. As an added incentive, iTunes gift cards were given to any surgeon who came to the booth with one of the collateral pieces.


The Agency also staged a unique ice sculpting event to help draw attendees to the booth, while emphasizing the convention’s Denver location.