Meet The Maestro

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Bob Griff Medical Marketing

Hello, my name is Bob Griff. I’ve been orchestrating success stories in medical device marketing communications for over 45 years.

My overture began in 1975, when I formed a creative boutique in Boulder, CO called Griffiti. Our mission was simple: to do great work and to work with great people.

Bob Griff SMC 1976 Staff
Griffiti Medical Marketing
Griffiti Boulder Staff

Then in the early 80’s as Griff Advertising, I led a small band of artists and writers into the healthcare sector, where we provided comprehensive creative services for a host of medical technology companies, born and bred in the Rocky Mountains.

Bob Griff SMC Agency Staff 1985

By the 90’s, Griff Advertising and Public Relations had grown into a full ensemble of 15 people, serving Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups, with award-winning ideas and outstanding results. We built a reputation for success that few others could match, and most others envied.

Griffiti Medical Marketing
Griffiti Staff

In 2001, I formed a duet with our chief competitor in the region to become Griff/SMC Medical Marketing Communications.

A decade later, I converted the agency into a solo shop with virtual accompaniment by a few of my previous staff, in order to provide comprehensive marketing communications services in a cost-effective way.

Today I work from my home in lovely Longmont, CO, where I conduct successful creative campaigns for a handful of medical device companies…and the best is yet to come.

Bob Griff Longmont CO