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Our proven partners

Jere Paulmeno

Previously a strategist and copywriter with Griff/SMC, Jere is an experienced, award-winning marketing and technical writer focused on the needs of the medical device industry.

Jeff Kandyba, Kandyba Graphics

Jeff Kandyba founded Kandyba Graphics Inc. as an illustration and graphic design studio in Boulder. Since 1986, he has produced artwork for a wide variety of regional and national clients. www.kandyba.com

Denver Advertising

Recently awarded one of the Top 25 Agencies in the region, Denver Advertising is a Full Service firm that provides support for Griff/SMC clients requiring Social Media Marketing, Retargeting, Web Development, SEO and Google Adwords. www.denveradvertising.com

Art Direction logo

Bob Treumper, Art Direction

A long time associate of the agency, Bob's professional prowess can be summed up in a single word: Direction. Crisp, clean art direction. Smart, on-target creative direction. And flawless, seamless executional direction.


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