Griff/SMC Launches New Website for Visible Youth Professional Skin Care Products

BOULDER, CO (October 2, 2009) Griff/SMC, Inc., one of the nation's leading medical marketing communications firms, has recently launched a comprehensive website for the Visible Youth Brand of professional skin care products, developed by Denver and Toronto-based Enhance Skin Products Inc., a pioneer in hyaluronic acid (HA) research and development for restoring and maintaining skin hydration

Griff/SMC created a dual portal website for professional and personal customers, which features a distinctive design, a customized E-Commerce component and search engine optimization.

The "Professional" side of the site is designed for physicians and aestheticians and focuses on the scientific advantages of HA in Visible Youth products. Additionally, users have the opportunity to register for a "Professional" account, giving them access to the Visible Youth Order Desk, including physician-only products.

The "Personal" side of the site is designed for the consumer and focuses on the benefits of using Visible Youth products daily. Users can create a "Personal" account for access to the Visible Youth Online Boutique.

"The new Visible Youth website underscores the agency's capabilities in high quality, customized site design and content development", stated agency president, Bob Griff. "We've also expanded our website services to include the latest in template designs, which enable us to develop professional, content driven sites in an economical, timely fashion."