Griff/SMC Launches Global Communications Program for Visible Youth™ Professional Skin Care Products

BOULDER, CO (May 18, 2009) –Griff/SMC, Inc., one of the nation’s leading medical marketing communications firms, has been chosen as Agency of Record by Denver and Toronto-based Enhance Skin Products. The Company is a pioneer in hyaluronic acid (HA) research and development for restoring and maintaining skin hydration.

Anti-aging Hyaluronic Acid (HA) products continue to drive the U.S. cosmeceutical industry. Over the next three years, a recent cosmeceuticals case study from The Freedonia Group, Cleveland, Ohio, reports an expected 7.4% increase per year in demand for cosmecutical products, reaching $8.2 billion in 2012. The report states hyaluronic acid is “among the active ingredients set for favorable opportunities in a variety of cosmeceutical products.”

It’s the Molecule!™
Steeped in evidence-based science, Visible Youth professional skin care products contain the purest and most effective HA molecular fraction available for deep hydration. The unique collection of proprietary formulations restores the skin’s natural supply of HA-water complex. Therapeutic hydration within the epidermis and dermis results in long-lasting benefits for all skin types.

In support of the product launch, the Agency has developed an integrated marketing communications program to help gain awareness and foster preference for the Visible Youth professional skin care system, including: branding, packaging and labeling with bilingual French translations, collateral materials, trade show exhibit design, professional journal advertising and a new website. is a dual portal design for professionals and consumers.

“We selected Griff/SMC for their depth of experience in aesthetic medicine and their award-winning communications expertise,” noted Chris Hovey, Vice President of Enhance Skin Products. “After almost 20 years of research, development and regional marketing, we are excited to bring these unique skin care products to the world, and we look forward to working with Griff to help us differentiate Visible Youth in a highly competitive global market.”