Griff/SMC Named New Agency for Anatomy in Clay™

BOULDER, CO (February 7, 2007) – Griff/SMC, Inc., one of the nation’s leading medical marketing communications firms, has been named the Agency of Record for Loveland, Colorado-based Anatomy in Clay™, pioneers of an interactive, kinesthetic approach to the study of anatomy.

Griff/SMC will handle Public Relations and other marketing communications initiatives for Anatomy in Clay to create awareness for a new learning direction known as “kinesthetic anatomy” and to support the company in reaching growth objectives for their line of educational products, publications and services. The agency will also assist in redesigning the look and content of the Anatomy in Clay website.

Using a 3-dimensional model of a human called Maniken®, “body builders” construct muscles and the various systems—circulatory, nervous, visceral, movement and biomechanics—by affixing different colored clay to the 29 inch tall, skeletal structure. Shaping, molding and positioning the clay on the model teaches students the form and function of the body from the inside out. On the veterinary side, the company offers Equiken™, a horse anatomy series and Caniken™, a dog skeletal system.

“We value creativity and selected Griff/SMC for their resourcefulness and strong marketing aptitude,” said Jon Zahourek, president of Zahourek Systems, Inc., the developers and producers of Anatomy in Clay. “Our aim is to offer students from elementary to graduate levels a more complete understanding of the body and, in general, to raise the sights for anatomy education. We look forward to working with Griff/SMC to achieve these goals.”

About Griff/SMC, Inc.
Founded in 1975, Griff/SMC is one of the nation’s leading medical marketing communications firms and the oldest full-service advertising agency in Boulder, Colorado. Griff/SMC has extensive experience in helping companies build Brand awareness and loyalty to drive revenue growth.

About Zahourek Systems, Inc.
Zahourek Systems, Inc., based in Loveland, Colo., designs, manufactures and markets the Anatomy in Clay Zoologik System, a new direction in the study of anatomy that invites interactive play of the mind, body and technology. For more information, contact Myles Crane, MSc, Educational Services, Director of Global Marketing, at 800-950-5025 or 970-667-9047. Visit

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